WOW 2021

WOW 2021

Cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WOW 2021 was run as a FREE half day virtual conference.

Keynote speaker Dr Suzanne Shale, independent medical ethics consultant and researcher spoke about positive workplace culture.

Our regular feature, Tales from the Frontline featured more inspiring personal tales from our colleagues, including:

  • Succeeding as a doctor new to the NHS; exam hurdles, diversity and difference; CESR.
  • Bringing personal values to work; fighting for a more sustainable workplace.
  • Battling ill-health; a journey of survival.

Yoga was provided as an online workshop by the fabulous Yoga Therapies

Other workshops included Financial Health, Art Therapy and Coaching.

Wellbeing resources for COVID times

Special thanks to Zoe who has collated wellbeing resources available nationally and local to us here in the North East – please take a look and share where they may be able to help. They include a full range of support services as well as pointers to apps and loads of other fantastic resources, to help you and your colleagues maintain psychological, emotional, physical and financial health.

Thanks too, to local Crossfit coach Paul Warrior for designing a ‘2 week isolation’ workout programme, which can be found here –  VICTORY.

Druridge Bay by Dr Jonathon Fortune.
Whitley Bay beach at sunset by Dr Ed Halvey.